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OOC Information:

Name/Alias: Danni (Dannipet)
E-Mail//MSN//AIM: Sunagaa (AIM and aol, just tack on the addressy thing on after)
Personal LJ: [livejournal.com profile] dannipet

IC Information:

Character Name: Hattori Heiji
Character Journal: [livejournal.com profile] kansai_ahou
Canon: Detective Conan
Point in Canon: Pretty near up to date, on line with this game's Conan
Age: 17
Birthday: March 5th

Abilities: No otherworldly skills, but he is incredibly intelligent and prone to thinking logically. He's one of the best Kendo fighters in his school and tends to use that whenever he has to defend himself. Also he's pretty decent with mechanics, he owns a motorcycle that he tends to himself. He's fluent in English, including accent and inflection.

Personality: Heiji has a very strong sense of right and wrong. He’s not like your average run of the mill detective, because he can be very hot blooded and places more value in making sure someone stays alive over preserving the scene for evidence, even if a victim is obviously dead. He’ll jump on a chance, no matter how small, just to do everything he can, especially if he‘s been told not to. He hates being told he can’t do something, and it can often have the opposite effect on him. He knows he’s not perfect though, and even if he gets a deduction wrong he just vows to do better next time. He can be fairly forgetful and dense to personal matters, and can often seem like an idiot, but is rather intelligent underneath the attitude. He values his friends, and would do anything for them even if he has to risk himself to do it. A lot of the time he can be fairly sensitive over certain things, like his accent, and gets rather defensive when he’s uncomfortable. Yet he’s also got a decent sense of humor and likes to have fun. While he is intelligent, he tends to be quite dense with personal matters, like relationships, and unless something involves a case, or mystery it can often fly right over his head.

History: The only things told from Heiji’s past before he met up with Conan were a few tidbits hinted from flashback chapters of a case when he was fifteen and one movie which described his first crush and how he fell in love with Kazuha. He was born, and grew up, in Osaka. As far as anyone can tell, he knew Kazuha for most of his life, if not all of it, because their fathers knew each other from the police force. His family seems pretty balanced. Father is Director General of the Osaka Prefecture and is the reason for Heiji being a young detective. Mother is very traditional and is possibly the one who got him into Kendo; of which he’s more than skilled in, currently placed at the head of his high school team.

Being a detective with such influences, of course, made him good enough to be known as the High School Detective of the West, opposite Kudo Shinichi, who had the title of the East. Up to his first entrance in the show, the two teens have only competed once: A murder on a ski slope when Heiji was fifteen. They both worked to solve the case, with help from their respective parents and solved it at the same time, but Heiji, not knowing that the other detective had help as well, was discouraged that he couldn’t solve it on his own. They didn’t actually meet face to face and to date Heiji still doesn’t know that was Shinichi at the time.

Over the next year, as his reputation grew, he wanted to compete officially against Shinichi, and when word got out that Shinichi was missing, he went to Tokyo to hunt him down, discovering that Shinichi had to be close by the Mouri family because, according to Ran, he never inquired about their well being. Heiji did get to meet Shinichi on that case, accidentally being the cause to Conan’s temporary cure, and ‘lost’ once more to him, thinking of their current murder case as a sort of competition between them, because he got the deduction wrong.

This, of course, made him even more interested in proving he was the better detective, and tried to hunt him down again, entering a Holmes fanatic contest in the hopes of meeting him. Shinichi himself did not show up, but by the end of the case, Heiji had worked out Conan’s secret.

Since then he has been a friend and ally to Conan, assisting him on dozens of cases, and asking for the boy's help on others.

First Person Sample: Ya know, I can't believe criminals these days. Too often it's th' same exact story with only a few minor changes. Victim pisses off culprit either unintentionally or on purpose cause they're just that way. Culprit spazzes out and creates a complicated method of killing the victim. Culprit makes a critical error that makes it entirely obvious who they are. No one goes home happy. Every so often ya get a completely accidental death, or fatal error on the part of the culprit, or even the decades long plot that never makes sense when it finally comes to fruition, but it's still all th' same formula.

More people just need t' learn that murder fixes nothin' that a good ride on a motorcycle couldn't heal better. Or whatever helps other people t' relax. There'd be less grief that way.

Third Person Sample: The teen took a deep, stabilizing breath. He stood in form, posture relaxed, yet ready. His hands were held loose at his side, one gripping the hilt of a wooden sword. He counted slowly in his head, keeping his eyes closed as he steadied himself.

When he was ready, Heiji moved fluidly, taking the sword in both hands and raising it above his head. Then it came down again, the teen easily following it up with the next form without a single pause. Keeping the slow pace, Heiji moved through the practice routine with quiet efficiency, feeling every movement in his muscles, focusing on his restraint.

Kendo was one of the few things he felt patient with. Whether it was because he'd be practicing for years, or because it was a calm way for him to release his energy and think, he didn't know, but he could always take his time during moments like this. The sport wasn't about strength, after all.

When he finished the routine, he moved back to his first stance, and continued breathing calm and slow for another ten count. Finally, he opened his eyes and bowed to his imaginary opponent before heading for the shower room to change back into his street clothes, feeling a lot better than he did before.

By the time he met with the local police later that afternoon, Heiji was confident he had an answer for the case.


DC Wiki page

Notes: (Other Details) He likes motorcycles and owns one, though it’s below 400cc because he’s still underage. Most of the time he wears a SAX hat, pointed backwards, unless he’s working on a case when he turns it around to point forward. When he’s not wearing the hat it’s usually folded up in his pocket. He got his dark skin from his grandfather, not either of his parents. He wears an omamori (protective charm) around his neck, which was made by Kazuha with a piece of a pair of handcuffs that they once locked themselves together with when they were little.

Also, most of this app was directly pulled from another I had written here. Linking as proof (because that's my personal journal there) that it was in fact me who filled it out. I won't lie, I hate applications, so if it's okay I'm recycling. :3
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