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 Great. Thieves. Just what we need. I'd rather deal with would-be murderers and useful cases.  I never was big on chasing them, unless Kudo was around. Oh well, glad it's mostly over.


Feb. 29th, 2008 10:32 pm
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 um...well....this is...interestin'

i um..hi. I'm uh...i'm max. 

this...thing is mine, right? i mean....it was...it was...yeah. hi.

*scratches the back of his head and looks around*
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Christmas is over and I'm kind of sad. About as much I am grateful. It was fun, but it was hell.

And I find that I had gotten attacked by snow earlier. It was terrifying. Was just walking along and then for awhile I didn't really know where I was. Vincent, sir, I hope your arm is okay. oO

Well, a bit of tea and I was all right.

Thank you everyone, for the gifts. Sorry I really couldn't get anyone anything. I got lost the moment I left the path from home to school. -___- Even the dojo was hard to get to. However, next year, if I'm still here, I promise to get everyone things. ^___^

Oh yeah, New Year's is coming up! Who's pulling out the fireworks?
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 Well, the pageant had to be one of the most amusing things I have ever seen.

Sorry Seij' but....swimwear? Never woulda guessed. *trying hard not to laugh* 

'grats though.

*ducks under the desk to snicker*

Anyhow, the Christmas season's up now. Haven't really celebrated to a big extent. Father is usually at work. Normally a small celebration with Kazuha. However, it seems my host family is real big on it. I've been helping decorate all week. -__- Lights an ornaments and I'm not even going to go into what it took to get the tree up.

Still, I suppose it's been fun. *shrug*

On a regular note, classes suck as usual. There've been no mysteries around and about and, even worse, I don't have the reputation here to just get out of class when something happens.

*sigh* Well, I'm off for, now, they're calling me for another string of lights they need untangled.


Dec. 7th, 2007 03:47 pm
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Sorry guys, with work and the upcoming season it's getting hard to keep up with all the journals. Fear not, I'm not going on a hiatus, but I probably won't be logging or writing many journals until after Christmas.

However, if there's anything any of my characters are needed or wanted for, I'll be happy to join in. :3 Events and whatnot. And I'll be poking about giving comments here or there.

So, in conclusion, if there's anything really pertaining to me, could someone toss me a link or poke me on aim or something? ^_____________^


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Man,  I've been havin' this odd paranoid feeling lately. >.< And I blame it all on the peace. If I know my luck and K-Conan's then somethin' really bad or really stupid is goin' ta be happenin'.

I'm never allowed just an easy time. It's always got ta be somethin'. A murder. A heist. Anything. This lack of activity, especially here, is just makin' my nerves dance.

Also, I've prolly seen just about anythin' too. Elves, Mary Sue, creatures of the deep. My old man would NEVER believe any of this actually existed. In fact, I'm havin' a bit of trouble myself. What about you, KuConan?
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 Man, what a week. First the soap opera thing, which I already complained about earlier, then the halloween murder I dealt with, no one important to the schools thankfully, and the dance itself. I was hardly able to go. Which...sucked. To say the least.

Now I find that my worst nightmare best friend K-Conan is here from Japan. ^^; Suddenly I find myself wondering if there's something about this town that draws in those who don't need anymore problems on their shoulders.

Conan, watch yourself, lest you get dragged into some...mess. oO

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W-wha? What the hell happened!?? As far as I remember, I've never had amnesia in my entire life. (which kind of defeats the purpose...) So why in hell would I recover from it? *dazed*

>.> It was pretty scary there fer awhile though... I couldn't remember a thing...except for when I was younger. Then suddenly, here I am again. *blinkblink*

Well, on the bright side, I hear there's goin ta be a party?


Oct. 25th, 2007 04:53 am
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Since I'm still new and can't find the place to reasonably (or not, of course) jump in, here is the basics of my two characters.

Kaito: Ran away from home during the first night and is currently missing. He has a severe case of split personality. When he puts on his monocle he becomes Kaitou Kid, a michievious phantom that loves to cause trouble. Of course, the monocle gets stuck. So Kaito is out and about dressed all in white bombarding people with magic.

Magic includes: Turning people into the opposite gender they are, dying hair, randomly changing clothes, making people disappear, etc etc etc. So, feel free to mention him if you like.

Heiji: In true soap opera fashion, Heiji discovers something shocking about himself! He's not REALLY Heiji Hattori. For the past 10 years he's had amnesia and a random bump on the head caused his memories to come flooding back. Unfortunately, he also loses the memories he gained since then.

Heiji will be acting pretty much as a seven year old. For the purposes of this comm, we'll say he used to live here before he lost his memory so he'll be speaking exclusively English anyway. If anyone wants to be a childhood friend with a weird tagalong for awhile then feel free to mention him. :3 Oh, he also doesn't lie. Too young to say anything -but- the blunt truth. :3

Also, sorry for being a little inactive about commenting. I'm still having trouble getting e-mail. oO
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>.> I finally know the way to and from school without takin that wrong turn left of my house. No longer will I deal with a crazy hermit's dog and his fleas.

The hermit's fleas....not the dog's.

I'm gettin a bad feelin though. Like somethin is gonna happen and I'm not going to like it. Does this happen a lot 'round here? O__o
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Well, I ain't quite sure how I feel bein here yet. It's, interestin to say the least. Somehow, however, I feel I'll fit right in. I've been officially labeled 'Jungle Gym' by my temporary siblings...

Good thing Kudo isn't here. He'd have a fit.

Also, these things, which may or may not scare me... )

I'm almost positive they scare me...
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 Ne, this place is pretty confusin. My temp. family has three little children who apparently adore me. The oldest, six, heard me speakin to myself in Japanese and ever since then she's demanded I teach her. It's cute but kind of exhaustin. The other two like to poke at my skin.

...>.> I knew people at home thought I was weird but...wow.

Nevertheless, I think I've found myself some fans that I'll be living with until who knows when. The parents are nice though. As soon as I walked in they asked if they could help me around town or somethin. Maybe I'll take a raincheck. Should know the school first anyway.

Thanks, uh, Makubex was it? For givin me directions. I don't think I'll have ever found this place on my own.

I guess there was a weddin today. I woulda stopped by, but I think I got lost again. Congrats, though.

...hm, I should prolly call Kudo... he might want to know I won't be able to help him anytime soon, what with being in a different country and all.


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